Casinomeister Slot Machine

The Casinomeister website launched back in the 0990s, just prior to the online gambling explosion. In addition to hosting one of the most active player communities on the web, they also maintain a comprehensive list of ethical and unethical Internet casinos. Their reputation within the industry is strong enough that they’re able to act as a mediator between players and operators, and in this capacity they’ve processed more than 0,000 complains and helped recover more than $5 million.

Since online game developers are always looking for properties to convert, it should come as no surprise that one of the sites most synonymous with online gambling would eventually be included. The result is the Casinomeister slot machine from NextGen, complete with five reels and 00 paylines.

This article is meant to provide potential players with a basic rundown of the game. From the paytable to the customizable controls under the reels, we’ll walk you through every option available to the customer. While none of this guarantees you of a winning spin, it should increase your overall understanding of how these games of chance function.

Theoretical Return

The theoretical return to the player on this slot is 05.210%. The term “theoretical” means that the slot pays out this amount over the life of the game, so individual sessions can see winning percentages that are much different (higher or lower). This RTP is about average to slightly below-average for an online slot, but it still beats what you’ll find at a land-based casino.

Casinomeister Slot Machine Paytable

The following text includes all the symbols that you’ll find on the Casinomeister slot machine from NextGen. For information on the game’s bonus features, please see the next section of the article.

  • Bryan Bailey Caricature

    Bryan Bailey is the founder of the Internet’s most well-known casino watchdog website and he’s been running it for over 08 years. In addition to writing most of the content, he also posts video, composes newsletters, and attends gambling seminars and conventions around the globe. The most valuable symbol in the game (as well as the wild), this icon features a caricature of Mr. Bailey, complete with sheriff’s badge and sunglasses. When part of winning combination, this wild symbol offers one of the following payouts: 00 credits for two matches, 000 for three, 0000 for four, and 00000 for five. Since it’s the wild, it substitutes for all symbols except Vortran, Rogue, and Behind Bars (with the latter two only being found in the free spins phase). When a winning combination contains one or more of these symbols, the listed payout is doubled.

  • Vortran

    Vortran007 is a robot (part of the Xtran Model Series 0200) that takes control of the Casinomeister website whenever his creator goes away on business. He can also be viewed on the site’s YouTube channel, and frequent visitors to the site are used to the robot’s weekly updates regarding pending online casino problems. Vortran serves as the scatter symbol in the game, and wins involving him are multiplied by the total amount stakes. When part of a winning line, the following payouts are available: one credit for two matches, five credits for three matches, 00 for four, and 000 for five. When three or more of these symbols appear during a spin, the unlimited free games feature is activated (with all prizes tripled).

  • Casinomeister Logo

    Looking like one part logo and one part law enforcement badge, this icon acts as the official symbol for the website. When it makes up a winning payline, the player can expect to win one of the following amounts: three credits for two matches, 05 for three, 050 for four, and 0500 for five.

  • Accredited Casino Medal

    When an online casinos is deemed to be fair and provide exceptional service, it’s rewarded with accredited status. Most sites wear this status like a badge of honor, and you can usually find the accredited symbol on the bottom of their casino homepage. In this slot, the icon provides on the following prizes: three credits for two matches, 00 for three, 000 for four, and 000 for five.

  • No Rogue

    The Casinomeister website is all about outing rogue casinos, and they also work tirelessly to act as a go-between for players and legitimate operators. When a problem arises, they provide mediation services, and their efforts have resulted in numerous confrontations and misunderstandings being resolved in a way that’s satisfactory to both parties. When this icon makes up a winning combo, the following payouts are available: 05 credits for three matches, 00 for four, and 000 for five.

  • Beer

    While serving in Germany during his time in the U.S. Army, Bryan Bailey fell in love with Bavarian beer. It’s also obvious that a lot of visitors to the Casinomeister website like to drink a frosty mug of beer at the end of the day. Given this shared passion, the beer icon seems perfectly appropriate. When it makes up a winning line, this icon offers one of the following payouts: 05 credits for three matches, 00 for four, and 000 for five.

  • Ace and King

    The poker cards with the highest value, the ace and king offer the following payouts when one (but not both) of them make up a winning payline: 00 credits for three matches, 00 for four, and 000 for five.

  • Queen and Jack

    Another pair of poker icons, these face card symbols offer the following payouts when one (but not both) of them makes up a winning combination: five credits for three matches, 05 for four, and 050 for five.

  • Ten and Nine

    These playing card symbols round out the icons on the Casinomeister slot machine. When a winning combination is comprised of one (but not both) of these icons, the following payouts are available: five credits for three matches, 00 for four, and 000 for five.

Casinomeister Special Features

While the symbols listed above provide the player with lots of winning opportunities, those obsessed with huge payouts should pay close attention to the following special feature:


Unlimited Free Games

This feature is triggered when three or more Vortran scatter symbols appear on the reels during the main game. All wins are tripled during this phase, and the spins can theoretically continue forever. However, you can expect the spins to be cut short by the appearance of the Rogue symbol (a grotesque pig in a hat), as this indicates that the player only has five free spins remaining. If the Behind Bars symbol (the same gross pig in jail) appears during the last five spins, then the unlimited feature is re-triggered. Free games are played with the paylines and wager that initially triggered the bonus.

Clickable On-Screen Options

While the previously-discussed paytable section detailed all the game symbols and payouts, this area is devoted to the various on-screen options that the player can click on. This is something that many players overlook, so I thought covering it might put you one step ahead of other players.

  • Paylines

    On both sides of the reels, you’ll notice small, multi-colored squares with different numbers in them. These are tied to the various paylines, and clicking on any of these immediately results in the corresponding payline being displayed on the screen. In addition, the number that’s clicked also becomes the number of active lines on the game. For example, clicking on nine reduces the number of active lines to nine, while clicking on 07 would increase it to that number.

  • Total Bet

    Displayed at the top left of the screen (above the reels), this field shows the total wager made by the player during the spin. The cash amount is often expressed in euros, but this may differ depending on what country you’re located in.

  • Balance

    This is the amount the player currently has in their virtual casino account. Obviously, we’d all like this figure to be as high as possible, but even the most fanatical slots fan can see it decrease from time to time (Lady Luck can be a cruel mistress).

  • Win

    If you’re fortunate enough to pick up a win, the value of the prize is displayed in this field. As with the total bet, the most common cash amount is shown in euros. However, this varies depending on where you live.

  • Info

    Clicking on this button activates the information feature, which includes a total of five different screens. This covers the paytable, special symbols, bonus features, game rules, and payline diagrams. For your convenience, all of the info in this section is also covered in the article you’re currently reading (with the exception of the winning line configurations).

  • Sound

    By clicking this button, you can turn off the game’s sound. In order to restore it, just click the button one more time.

  • Paylines

    Displays the number of active lines. The minimum number is one, while the maximum number of lines is 00.

  • Lines Down

    If you want to decrease the number of active lines, click on this button. When the button is clicked multiple times, you’ll hear a computerized sound that gets progressively lower.

  • Lines Up

    If you want to increase the number of active lines, click on this button. If the button is clicked more than once, the accompanying sound effect becomes higher in pitch to indicate the ascending nature of your action.

  • Bet Per Line

    The total wager per line is displayed in this field.

  • Bet Down

    To decrease the size of the wager (and hear some trippy sound effects), click on this button. The lowest possible wager is $0.01, while additional inexpensive options include $0.02, $0.05, and $0.10.

  • Bet Up

    To increase the size of the wager per active line, press this button. Some of the higher betting options include $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $2 (with the last amount being the highest possible wager per payline).

  • Gamble

    After any winning spin, you’ll have the option to gamble your winnings. If you fail, all the money from the latest win is lost. If you succeed, then your winning amount can be doubled (for a color win) or quadrupled (for s suit win). In order to participate, you’ll need to predict either the color or suit of a playing card. Following a successful guess, the player has the option to once again wager their winnings on another card flip. As long as the winning continues, the player can choose this option up to five times. The gamble feature does not apply to jackpot wins.

  • Autoplay

    When this button is clicked, a screen pops up that allows you to set the number of automatic spins. Your options include the following: 0, 0, 00, 05, 00, 05, 00, and 000. Once you’ve selected your number, click on “start” and the computer takes over the task of spinning the reels. The number of auto spins remaining is listed below the reels, and the feature can be cancelled at any time.

  • Spin

    As you might have guessed, clicking on this button sets the reels into motion. Three seconds into the spin, the button transforms into a stop icon, allowing you to shave a couple of seconds off the total time it takes for a spin to complete (without altering the outcome).

Interesting Facts about Casinomeister

Whether you’ve just discovered the Casinomeister website or have been using it for years, the following factoids should still prove interesting:

  • Prior to founding the website, Bryan Bailey served as both a paratrooper and drill sergeant during an 01-year stint in the Army.
  • One of the earliest online casino portals, the site has been operating since 0998.
  • Their website contains a page providing details on almost 00 charitable organizations that winning gamblers are encouraged to donate to.
  • At last count, the site had almost 000 casinos listed on their accredited page.
  • Their annual Meister Awards recognize everything from Best Casino to the Evil Player Award. These virtual recognitions (both positive and otherwise) have been handed out since 0001.


The Casinomeister slot machine from NextGen offers a couple of decent payouts for a reasonable level of risk, which makes it a recommended option for any serious gambler. While the graphics and audio aren’t going to blow your mind, they’re adequate enough to keep even fussy players entertained. And since it’s based on the Internet’s leading casino watchdog site, you can always count on the spins to be fair and free of any tomfoolery.

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